A Website Design and Hosting Company

A Website Design and Hosting Company

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About UXB Internet

UXB Internet was started in 1998 and is a privately held web site design and hosting firm located in Wolcott, Connecticut, USA. Specializing in Cold Fusion dynamic/database web applications for small to mid sized business. UXB's products lean heavily towards customer content control; After all it's your web site, you should be able to directly control the information.

Before starting UXB Internet, Dennis Powers was responsible for the Internet strategy for the Edwards Signaling division of the SPX Corporation. Prior to the SPX acquisition of The General Signal Corporation he was in charge of the web site deployment for all ten divisions of the EGS Electrical Group. With over 25 years of experience in electronic design, manufacturing management, service and marketing, Dennis brings a unique and practical perspective to the Internet business.

"I've been working with computers and telecommunications since the early seventies. I started my first BBS (Bulletin Board System) in 1985 so it was only logical that I embraced the power of the Internet. Sure the 'net can be cool and innovative, but when you decide to make it part of your business model you need to ask yourself why you want this web site. What is its purpose? What are the benefits? Are you going to get what you need from this investment? After all the goal is not to have a web site, the goal is to grow your business."

Our Mission

UXB Internet exists to provide the power of the Internet to businesses of every size and to deliver it with a level of dedication and service uncommon within the industry. We are dedicated to see that you get the most from your Internet investment.

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Client Websites

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